Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Really disgusting all these issues with these politicians, such as SC's Sanford.
These men are just soooo coward and losers. Just like the other governors, they are sorry they got caught. They are all very sorry and start crying once they are caught, they ask for decency in the media for the sake of their families blah blah blah.
What kind of a governor or trustful politician could he be when he just leaves the state and his job to run crying to his mistress in Argentina.
Be a man, for God's sake. You found another woman, admit it, make it public, manage the situation in an honorable manner. Get a divorce and, if not, forget about affairs.
It's not an issue if he had or not an affair. If he does his job right, if he's not a hypocrite, if he manages this complicated love live and does the right thing to do, then people don't care about it. People didn't care about Clinton and would not have cared if he had admitted from the beginning, like a man. He did his job and the affair didn't interfere with it.
But when you give people morale and religion lessons, when you publicly fight prostitution only to get one at night, when you are supposed to run a state and you just disappear in the arms of your mistress for days, well, then it is people's business.
Oh, not to mention the priest in Miami who had a mistress for like a few years and only admitted, the same cowardly way, when the media discovered him. And then he was saying that he's a regular man too, or something that he wears pants too. Well, if you know you sinned, take it like a man and resign in the first place, don't continue preaching and acting as a saint for so many months. It's one thing to fall in love, and another to keep disgustingly lying about it for so long and being a hypocrite.
And the most disturbing is this disgusting way they all manage this, like some kindergarten kids who think that if they start crying mommy is gonna forgive them for some stupid thing they did.
Not to mention the double standard. If a woman, let's say Hillary Clinton, had done this, I cannot imagine the attacks... But usually women are more of a man than men are, and either don't get into this kind of trouble, of handle it with more dignity, anyway.

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