Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This whole right to bare guns issue is starting to be more and more out of control. Both the debate and the actual situation. No politician is going to have the guts to face the gun associations and producers regarding new restrictions. While a total interdiction on guns is in now way possible, from legislative, logistic and even cultural point of view, there are issues and possible improvements that can be considered.
Just by opening the local newspaper today, you can read 3 news gun related. A guy just shot himself in the head in front of a police station. Another guy, in road rage, just shot 2 times in a car because he couldn't overpass it. And, of course, the national news with the nut at the Holocaust Museum.
I would say that, in a discussion with the guns supporters, none of them would have arguments to tell me that any nut or criminal has the constitutional right to have a gun. Would any of the guns supporters want some crazy people, with criminal record, just start shooting around their families or homes? When you go to the mall or at a museum?
Hey, people want to be able to protect themselves and their homes. Good, they have the constitutional right to have guns. But nothing gives them the right to have automatic guns, as no law in the world can give the right to guns to insane people, former inmates, or children to get guns.
Those who want guns should assume the responsibility to prove they are fit to have guns. Physically, mentally and so on. While you need a driver's license to drive a car or a prescription to get antibiotics, why shouldn't we check people who want guns... Just to reduce the risk that the next day they're going to kill you or me at a museum. And I don't care if they're democrats, republicans or whatever. A gun doesn't know the political or skin color of its owner.

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