Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I just read today that some businesses who benefited from governmental (taxpayer money) loans are already able to return some billions to the public pocket. Which is good news, right? We might say that the economy is starting to function since they made their money so fast.
On the other hand, let's start thinking about how they made the money so fast. No doubt, on the back of their customers. The situation didn't change so dramatically in the last months. The market is still full of foreclosures, even more coming now since the break imposed by the government on foreclosures has just ended. Therefore, no gain from this part. The investments market rebounded, but not that much for the banks to jump of joy. Therefore, the "poor" customer is the one left to pay the bills, no matter if individuals or regular businesses.
We end up, therefore, with a few reorganized Wall Street and banking companies, some helped by the government, a lot, and look, so fast, the situation is pink for them. Big winners.
On the other hand, we have the biggest losers of the financial meltdown. The small players, the regular citizen, you, simple worker, you, small business owner, you. On one hand, the same banks mentionned below, increased their lending requirements and so on. On the other hand, they just started raising interest rates. Moreover, if you're just a regular citizen and managed to get a mortgage preapproval, guess what, most of the banks prefer to sell their foreclosure properties for cash, rather than waiting for your loan to be processed.
Of course, maybe you already lost your job or your business is under water. But, hey, you can always go to these marvelous banks and ask for some help. They got it when they needed. Short memory.

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